Education & Training:

A trained, highly-skilled workforce is the key to conducting the business of energy efficiency in California.
California stands as an example that energy efficiency has proven to be a cost-effective solution to
problems ranging from dependency on oil to global warming
and green house gas emissions.

Apprenticeships tie workforce development and training to
employers directly involved with delivering the efficient
technologies necessary to accomplish our collective goal of
reducing energy consumption. Programs that expand upon
apprentice career-based training and education help stimulate
economic and community development. Accredited apprenticeship
training programs establish partnerships among business,
education and government to build the skills of our workforce
for current and future energy efficiency needs.

With a history of apprentice training programs aimed
at energy efficient methodologies, CAL SMACNA
contractors and the California Sheet Metal Workers’
(SMWIA) local unions have an accomplished workforce
educated in green building design codes and energy
efficiency skills. With 15 training facilities throughout
the state and thousands of workers being trained
daily in HVAC specialties, such as testing, adjusting
and balancing, commissioning, sound and
vibration, and indoor air quality, the union sheet
metal industry assists in implementing building
energy efficiency and green house gas
reduction programs.

Energy efficiency programs can reduce
California’s energy demands. A fully-trained
and certified SMWIA HVAC technician knows
how to install, operate, maintain, and repair these
complex systems with skills to keep systems
operating at peak efficiency, saving energy and money.


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